DPU1000 Door Controllers

DPU1000 Door Controllers encompass 25 years of experience in development and manufacturing of Access Control Panels. These controllers are packed with featured and capabilities found in high-end, expensive products. In short, it is the best product available for the Access Control market at unbelievable affordability.

To go more technical………. What is Under the Hood….

CPU – These controllers are powered by the Cortex® M4 from STM (made in EU) utilizing a combination of 32BIT and 64BIT technology. Using the triple-memory-technology, the controller memory is not dependent on a backup battery and is backed up on non-volatile Flash memory.

Components* – The controller is made using SMT technology with top-of-the line components. About 20% of the components are dedicated to protect the controller from miswiring and external devices failure. Components selection ensure longevity and uninterrupted operations for many years, for example, the output relays life is rated at 107 operations‼  

Cyber-Security – DPU1000 firmware is written by KEYKINGs excellent R&D team. No operating system, no web-access. Hence, it is unhackable and has measures preventing any unauthorized connection. DPU1000 will not communicate with anything beside the SPHINX server it is designated to. Physical Write-Protect switch on board adding additional security.  

Installer Friendly – All wiring connections are clearly marked in English, No unfamiliar codes, including hardware settings (dip-switches). Most installers do not even look at the installation manual. The controller is protected by KEYKINGs 25 years’ experience and is protected from many common mistakes done by installers. Using multiple technologies, including Opto-Isolated inputs, The protections include: Over/Under power, reverse polarity on power and on readers, miswiring and more**. 

Connectivity – All models have RS485 communication, up to 120 controllers on one BUS with up to 4,000ft. (1.2Km) distance. Another option is to use WTC485 wireless transceiver (1Km / ⅔Mile). DPU1000NT models have Fast Ethernet (TCP/IP) with auto-sensing auto-adaptive capabilities, that makes connection simple without any worrying on cable type (Crossed/Straight) and speed. The controllers are specified as 10/100, customers reported on speed going up to 200mbps and as low as 256mbps without losing connectivity. Remote connection can be made using all standard networking tools LAN, VPN, Remote Connectivity Tools even Dialup and Cellular / Sterlite. WAN and connectivity via the Internet are also supported.  

Readers Compatibility – DPU1000 can connect to any Weigand reader, that includes the generic 26 & 34 BIT as well as all others, even the proprietary ones from specialized manufacturers. Any protocol from 24BIT to 72BIT is supported. This feature makes the DPU1000 the ideal candidate for upgrading outdated system or upgrading a previously installed system by another company. All without replacing readers = no new cards = no rewiring….. 

All On Board – Each controller includes dedicated inputs for REX and Door-Sense as well as additional 2 configurable AUX Inputs and 2 configurable AUX Output relays. Unused door relays and inputs can be used as AUX if needed. If more auxiliary inputs and outputs are needed, there is an independent DIO3168NT controller with 16 inputs and 8 output relays. 

Always Working – DPU1000 controller will work continuously as long as it is powered! If power is lost, when restores, it goes back to work in less than 10 seconds. Network connectivity issues? There is no difference in operation between On line and Offline modes and the controller seamlessly operates in both. If connection lost (or software is down), the controller will continue to operate as it was configured last. When communication restores, it will automatically update the software database with all events stored and will receive all updates needed. 

Door Operation 9 Modes – Activated on schedule up to 32 changes/day. Normal, Open, Closed (lockdown), 1st. Swipe, APB, Dual-Factor, Toggle (relay change position every swipe), Escorted by Manager, Escorted by Position (up to 4 positions combined) 

Time Zones, 105 organized in customized tables of 7 zones each, 15 Tables for each door. With 9 types of holydays.  

Credentials Designation, 5 – Standard, Manager (elevated), Master (unrestricted), Emergency (open the door even if database destroyed), Handicap (addon to any designation), Visitor (can have any designation) 

Alerts, 100+ types (events) can be used for automated response using Flow-Control  

Features Package – the DPU1000 come packed with all feature expected from Access Control system and much more:·        

Build in alerts Reader respond (LED and Beep) to: Authorized, Unauthorized, Lock Open, Door Ajar, Door Forced Open.·          

Tailgate Prevention by automatically locking the door after opened, regardless lock time setting.·          

Handicap designation for longer lock-open time and additional operations·          

ID Technology, 4 types supported for each person. Cards (up to 5), PIN, Fingerprint ID^, Face Recognition ID^^·          

Dual-Factor available for forcing Card + PIN including option to deactivate credentials if entered wrong PIN 3 times·         

Multi-Person entry available in cases when more than one person needed to enter (escorted entry) up to 8 persons.·        

“Double Swipe” keep unlocked. Can be Enabled if needed. Require elevated designation credential.·          

Anti-Pass-Back (APB) can be Enabled, if needed. All 1 & 2 doors networked controllers have 2 reader for each door.·          

Lockdown procedure allow setting predetermine doors position in response to I/O or Alert or other condition·          

Flow-Control is a powerful logical conditional tool allowing pre-defined action in response to set of data from inputs, outputs and system events (alerts, status). Used to configure the AUX inputs and Outputs as well as all other components. It can be set as Active, Inactive or Dormant that is activated with a PIN on reader.·          

Interlocking Doors (Mantrap) – using Flow-Control       

DPU1012NT Networked 1 Door Controller


Networked 1 Door Controller

Serial 1 Door Controller


RS485 1 Door Controller

Networked 4 Doors Controller


Networked 2 Doors Controller

Serial 2 Doors Controller


RS485 2 Doors Controller

Networked 4 Doors Controller


Networked 4 Doors Controller

Serial 4 Doors Controllers


RS485 4 Doors Controller

* As of May 2020, no component is on NDAA FY2019 Public Law 115-232 sec. 889 ban.
** These measures do not negate warranty conditions. See detailed information in the General Warranty section
^ Require Fingerprint Reader FPC1000 / FPC2000 to be connected. 
^^ Require Face Recognition Reader NF4000