DPU1044 - 4 Doors Controller - Datasheet

This is the basic version of the DPU1000 controllers. While still having the general specifications of the whole DPU1000 line, it is made to be the lowest cost possible without much compromising on capabilities and performance.

Advantages of using this model:

  1. Cost – this is the  lowest cost controller available without compromising on quality and performance.
  2. Infrastructure – in many cases, replacing an old system can involve running new wires. Many old systems were using single door units installed close to the door and connecting the units to a “Main Board” using RS485. Using this controller can provide one-on-one replacement (Main Board is not needed) using the existing wiring.
  3. Distance – Controller located very far from the PC – standard Ethernet is limited to 300ft. per section, if need longer run, it require additional equipment. If network is not available, and need to run the cable, an RS485 cable is lighter and easier to run. (2 or 4 wires #22)
  4. WTC485 Wireless Transceiver – for wireless communication, it use only RS485. Each WTC485 can connect up to 100 controllers, but, usually it is used for single controller or few in close proximity. 

Disadvantages compared to Networked version:

  1. Delayed Update – with slower communication, the software is getting updated slower. If watching the screen to see controller activity, the data may be delayed by several seconds. It does not affect the controller operation since it is running independently regardless network speed or software connectivity.
  2. Firmware Updates – some features may not be available, for example, the “Double Swipe” feature is not yet supported.
Item Data Notes
Processor ARM® 32BIT STM Armv7 Architecture with Triple-Memory system
Memory Type RAM, SRAM, Flash Non-Volatile Memory, not depending on backup battery
Operating System Direct Programming No operating system provides higher security against hacking and viruses
Com. Protocol Proprietary Nonstandard protocol provides better security against hacking and control
Credentials 10,000 With full configuration (no names – higher security)
Events Log 100,000 FIFO Full memory will replace oldest record with newest (First In, First Out)
Construction SMD / P&P / WS Automated Manufacturing
Communication Half-Duplex RS485 Up to 120 devices/BUS, Auto-Sensing Baud of 4,800-115,200, up to 4,000ft.
Door Configuration 4, 3, 2 Doors 4 Doors, 1 reader each. 2 Doors IN/OUT. 1 Door IN/OUT and 2 Doors IN
Door I/O Inputs REX & Door Sense Dry-Contact, Opto-Isolated
Output Relay, 3A Form-C 107 cycles, 50,000 MTBF
AUX I/O Inputs 2 x Dry-Contact Inputs and Outputs are configurable using Flow-Control. Unused Door Input and Outputs can be reassigned as AUX
Outputs 2 x Relay, 3A Form-C
Reader Inputs 4 x Weigand 24-72BIT, Generic, Proprietary, Biometric, 3rd. Party, Customized
Power 12Vdc 150mA Support also Self Powered readers
Control LED & Beep Unlocked, Authorized, Unauthorized, Door Ajar, Door forced open
Door Modes Normal Normal Operation Locked with access to authorized personnel
Open Door unlocked Open without credentials.
Locked Lockdown Locked to everyone except Master and Emergency credentials
1st. Card 1st. Swipe, Unlock Locked until an Authorized person swipe. The remain open for the duration
Card+PIN Force Dual-Factor Force Card + PIN. Keypad-Reader required.
APB Anti-Pass-Back Enforce the Anti-Pass-Back rules. APB must be configured.
Toggle On / Off Relay change position on every swipe. For Gates and Automatic Doors
Escorted Preassigned Escort To open need preassigned escort to enter (Employee + his manager)
Group Functional Escort To open, predefined personnel types (Employee + Security) up to 4 types
Schedule Up to 16/day For each door. Can be set based on day of the week, holyday etc.
Time Zones 105 / Door Each table consist of 7 Time Zones. Can be set based on day of the week
Lock Timing Normal + Handicap Secondary lock time for credentials designated as “Handicap”
Dual-Factor Supported Card or PIN , Card + PIN. Optional locked after 3 failed attempts
Multi-Swipe 2-8 Credentials Require more than 1 person to enter. Any authorized person accepted.
Double-Swipe To Unlock / Lock Double Swipe will unlock until Double-Swiped again. Manager/Master.
Anti-Pass-Back Can be Enabled Swipe to enter and a swipe to exit, including movement between areas.
Credential Designations Normal Follow all the rules
Manager Bypass Anti-Pass-Back, Double-Swipe Privileges
Master Same as Manager + Full System rules Override – Systemwide
Handicap Add-On to any designation, provide longer lock time & additional features
Visitor Temporary credentials with expiration date-time, can use any designation.
Emergency Will unlock any door any time even of database corrupted. (Knockbox)
Alerts / Events Over 100 types Customizable, can be I/O specific, date-time range etc.
Lockdown Pre-Set Alert Based Set doors to pre-defined Mode on a pre-specified Event (alert)
Event Response Flow-Control Can set any I/O to respond to specific Event (alert)
Door-Interlock Flow-Control Door 1 will not open if Door 2 is open.
I/O Based Response Flow-Control Can combine any Inputs and Outputs position to activate any I/O. can be linked to Events and other features. Local and Global.
Protections* Wiring Error Reverse Polarity, miswirings. Auto-recovering PTC and Opto-Isolation
Over / Under Voltage Excessive voltage fuse, low power cutoff
Over Current Fuse
Surge Auto-Recovering PTC
Power 12Vdc ±10% 200mA Add Readers Power (150mA each) – 1A MAX
Environment Indoor – Open PCB Protect according to applicable laws.
Temperature -30-140°F = -35-60°C Storage – -40 – 160°F = -40-70°C
Humidity 0-80%RH Avoid humid places and chemical fumes. Storage 0-95%RH
* Warranty Note! – Warranty does not cover damages cased by miring errors, power surge, chemical damage, water damage, installation outside of specifications. See Warranty page in Support for more information.