Sphinx 1 Software

Access Control

We developed SPHINX-1 to provide the best solution for cases where the only need is an Access Control system. SPHINX-1 is geared to provide affordable solution for small 1-16 doors systems and even grow beyond that to any time. In reality, the system has unlimited capabilities to grow.

While, specified as “Access Control Only”, it not a small minimalized system. SPHINX-1 has all the attributes offered by the largest systems in the business, in many cases for very hefty price, right from the start at it’s basic form. It is full with all the tools and features add over 25 years of experience and on-going development.

Features that are build-in and included are: MS-SQL connectivity, Alert System with E-Mail, Print and Text capabilities, Graphic Interface with 4 layers interactive design, Multi-Site, Remote Connectivity, Lockdown Procedures, Handicap Features, Anti-Pass-Back, Multi-Factor ID, Event and I/O Based configuration, Biometrics, Time & Attendance, Pay-Per-Swipe and many more.

SPHINX-1 is up to date with the latest technology and also support legacy technology. The DPU1000 door controllers support all Weigand standards, including proprietary, and can connect to most readers in the market today.

SPHINX-1 System Components

SPHINX-1 Screenshot